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 Shelley Jarrett is the CEO & Founder of Sj Image Creations. Founder & Publisher of SMJ Magazine. A mother and devoted entrepreneur, her diverse and unique background in the corporate world, performing arts and fashion industry has given her the drive and passion to follow her dreams of helping women build confidence and feel good about themselves mainly through education, support, image coaching and providing business opportunities. A leader in her community,  a fashion stylist, part-time actor, mentor and a heart felt motivator and speaker.

Shelley Jarrett Sj Image Creations SMJ Magazine

Ms Jarrett, Award winning Image & Style consultant is a strong woman on the rise who has chosen to embrace her gifts, talents and abilities to empower other women and produce a company that reflects the essence of who she is. In additional to her business ventures, Ms Jarrett is a mother of two adult sons. She keeps herself active as a part-time actress both in films and live theatre performances, recently starred in an upcoming film “The Chameleon” starring Stacey Keach, along with speaking roles in Fraud Squad TV and several live stage productions mainly in her local church. Ms Jarrett recently appeared in a featured article of  two local magazines Africulture ”My Story in Black & White and Shimmerzine providing information on Dressing for Success.

With a Business background and 20 years experience in financial services, sales and marketing comes naturally. Her educational achievements includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Services from Eastern University New Mexico USA and a Diploma in Social Service Worker from Sheridan College Oakville Ont.,. Having won numerous sales awards and recently awarded certificate of completion for a women ‘s entrepreneurial course as well as a recent Outstanding Entrepreneur Glass Awards, there seems to be no stopping for this creative mind.

Her driven and fearless attitude allows her to bring new endeavours to new heights as she continues to build and pursue creative opportunities as they present themselves.

Ms Jarrett feels being able to reinvent yourself on a consistent basics is one way to stay current in today’s aggressive and ever changing environment. I invite you to connect with her on this exciting journey.

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