The Art Of Dressing Well For Success


sol_front (1)Student of Life: My Lessons Are Yours is about helping you discover your strengths and using them to  change your life those strengths to the surface so you can discover your true value and potential. It’s about learning what it takes to create the circumstances that you desire even when it seems like the odds are against you. It’s about re-programming yourself to disdain and omit what is not useful and learning how to identify and use what is.

Student of Life: My Lessons Are Yours shines a spotlight on the issues, thoughts and fears of an individual trying to make it in today’s world, and provides motivation, inspiration and guidance based on real life people, and real life situations. Author Matthew L. Taylor shares the lessons that improved his quality of life and if you’re willing to receive and apply the knowledge, it will improve yours too.

Matthew L. Taylor is a young entrepreneur/visionary/writer/music producer who grew up on the east side of Scarborough, Ontario. By the age of 6 years old he was already writing poems, composing his own songs and winning 1st place trophies for playing piano. Known for his gift of gab, it was said that he’d be a lawyer, but the love for writing, creation and music proved to be Matthews ruling passions.
Matthew’s adolescent years consisted of some bad decisions and being kicked out of highschool a few times. During that same period he also travelled North America playing soccer, eventually becoming a champion and instilling in him the habit of practicing discipline. That same discipline is what helped him hone his writing skills significantly in the following years. He went on to work with some of the best talent in the country and abroad, but the pressures of being a young father forced Matthew to do some soul searching in order to fulfill his potential and start doing more of the things he knew he was capable of doing.
He went to college as a mature student in 2008 and was said to be one of the brightest in his class; little did he know his powerful essay writing was the beginning of his transition to becoming an author. Now at 29 years of age, he owns three businesses, spends time talking to youth, and hopes to inspire individuals from all walks of life to find their purpose and to live it.


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